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Read lasik information, find laser eye centers near you & educate yourself on what lasik is, cost of eye surgery and lasik recovery. We strive to provide the most objective lasik laser information to help you make informative decision regarding laser eye surgery.

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Insight Vision Center

 InSight Vision Center in Fresno, California provides leading eye care services using the latest technology in LASIK, Glaucoma, Cataract, Blepharoplasty, Eye Surgery, etc. The highly experienced doctors and optometrists at InSight Vision Center believe in patient care and education, with each procedure that provides precise results. Comprehensive ophthalmology solutions through experienced practice and referral network are what sets the center apart.

Kremer Eye Center

Kremer Eye Center Lasik
King of Prussia

If you are a candidate for LASIK eye surgery, Professional LASIK surgeons at the King of Prussia, Pennsylvania office will go over the benefits and differences between different types of surgery. Some of the procedures are
standard LASIK eye surgery, WAVEfront Custom LASIK, and IntraLase bladeless LASIK technology.

Is Lasik Worth It?

Many People question the benefits of the LASIK procedure. Some say they are just fine with contacts or glasses, others are afraid of having eye surgery. But regardless of excuses, is LASIK worth the cost?

Check out the Infographic to see lasik information and comparison. 

Rosin Eyecare


For complete eye care services from trustworthy, skilled professionals, visit Rosin Eyecare’s Michigan Avenue location. Whether you need glasses, contacts, LASIK, or just an annual eye exam, the vision
specialists at Rosin Eyecare can help.

Laser Eye Surgery: Be Ready in Just Seven Simple Steps

Going ahead with laser eye surgery is no different from any other medical procedure. Sure, there are not going to be as many restrictions on eating and drinking prior to the procedure, because of the non-invasive approach, but there are still things you can do beforehand which will make the process smoother.

LASIK of Nevada

 LASIK of Nevada
Paradise Valley

Richard C. Rothman, M.D., has performed over 40,000 laser vision correction procedures. He has spent the past 21 years correcting vision and has 14 years of LASIK experience. This level of experience is unsurpassed in Nevada. The facility and practice are owned and operated by Dr. Rothman

Top 5 Reasons to Consider LASIK Surgery

Are you sick and tired of your glasses and contacts? Do you fall asleep wearing your contact lenses and worry about injury or infection? Do your glasses steam up when you're out jogging or leave unsightly (and painful) dents on the bridge of your nose? Do you get tension headaches caused from reading? Don't you want to start seeing the world through your OWN eyes? LASIK eye surgery is the ideal permanent solution.

Factors That Affect the Success Rate of LASIK Surgery

LASIK is perhaps the most popular form of laser eye surgery these days. It's designed to treat several eye conditions including astigmatism, hyperopia, and myopia. However, while LASIK generally has high success rates, there are certain situations that it may not be the best option. The following are some of the top factors that determine the success of this sought-after medical procedure.

Effective Eye Care After Lasik Surgery

lasik recover

Post-operative eye care is very important to ensure the success of any eye surgery and make it effective. A lasik surgery or a laser eye surgery is relatively quick and the recovery process is very fast. A person who undergoes this surgery can resume work within a couple of days. The doctor will advise you to take precautions and refrain from certain activities for the next few days or weeks. Post lasik, you will be given certain eye drops that are anti-inflammatory to help with the healing process.

How to Choose a Reputable Lasik Surgery Clinic and Surgeon

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With the recent surge in the popularity of Lasik and Epilasik eye surgeries, clinics offering the treatment are appearing all over the world, all offering apparently miraculous treatments for persistent and chronic eye conditions. Lasik is now used for correcting a wide range of eye conditions and has become one of the most common forms of laser surgery performed on the eyes throughout the world. As the years have passed, the treatment has continued to improve its efficacy as well as success rate, and today most patients can benefit from this treatment. Epilasik surgery is not suitable for all people, but offers similar rates of effectiveness to Lasik.


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 InSight Vision Center in Fresno, California provides leading eye care services using the latest technology in LASIK, Glaucoma, Cataract, Blepharoplasty, Eye Surgery, etc.


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